Sustainable. Disposable. Paper Glove.  

Breakthroughs in design for automation allow us to make 100 mitts per minute. That's 6,000 mitts per hour...per day. You get the picture. With a fully recyclable paper glove design, we are able to reinvent what it means to have disposable surface protection! (Surface Mitt Ads)

You've never seen THIS...

Surface Mitt is 100% Recyclable! Made from specially formulated paper. 

Surfaces, Surfaces, Surfaces. 

Why do we?

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Surface Mitt is a 100% recyclable, paper glove, for protection against surface germs. 

Surface Mitt ushers in a proactive approach that stops germs BEFORE they get on your hands. Other approaches like hand washing and hand sanitizer are reactive, trying to remove germs AFTER they're already on your hands.

Since Surface Mitt is truly recyclable, it’s great for the planet too! Surface Mitt is the new definition of disposable surface protection.

We believe that products can be great for you and great for the planet too - redefine disposable.


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